Banana Boat Rides Rock the Harbor!

A Banana Boat is a set of 2 pontoon-like floats affixed to a sturdy set of seats mounted on top of the pontoon floats. This activity is for a group of up to 6 passengers who ride the Banana Boat while being pulled behind the speed boat. The sport is exciting, fast and wet! The speed boat captain may take sharp turns while pulling your group, making it a fun and challenging for the riders to stay on. Of course, beginners to the sport can speak with the captain and request they take things a bit slower at first. Destin is home to several companies offering banana boat rides and it's become one of the most popular things to do in Destin Florida.

Don't fear the banana! Take a ride...

For the past few years, banana boat rides have been one of the most popular activities in Destin. Banana boat rides are fun, exciting, and great for families. Up to 6 people can ride on the banana boat and the captain can either go fast or slow depending on what type of adventure you want. The banana is pulled by a boat, not a jet ski like most other companies will do it. The banana boat rides are located in the Destin Harbor, but there are also some companies that offer rides on the beach. We recommend booking a Destin banana boat ride in advance there is limited space for these trips.

Customer Reviews from

Banana Boat is Awesome
"This was the best thing that we did during our week in Destin! The kids and adults loved it. We checked out a couple of other companies that do the same thing. Some pull the float by Jet Ski. This is so much better as they pull with an open bow boat. If you've had 'enough' you can just hop on the boat and watch your friends ride/get thrown off!"
Doug Geers - Glendale, OH

Best Thing To Do in Destin
"This was our second year in a row to ride the Banana Boat and our first year to book through Trip Shock! Great experience! Saved $10 per person for a total savings of $60! The Banana Boat crew is the best, and the picture package is definitely worth the $35! The pictures are incredible--over 80 in our batch! These guys go out of their way to ensure you have the best experience ever! "
C M - Mansfield, TX

Banana Boat Rocks
" The crew was great. Booking was easy and our trip started right on time. We got to see a dolphin up close-he rode our wake for a few minutes! Captain Chris was fun for the kids-gave them nicknames, catered to their wishes regarding how fast and wild the ride was, and was just a really nice guy. The pictures they took came out great-we highly suggest buying the photos. All-around great time."
Craig O - Redding, CA